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Interview with Mr Michael Nonis, resident of Braddell Heights Zone B RC
Handball Interest Group
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Join us in this fast-playing invasion game!

Handball is a fast playing invasion games with the combination of balls skills from Basketball, Soccer and Netball.  It is played on 40m by 20m. At the each end of the court is a goalpost which is 3m wide by 2m high.  The objective of the game is simply to score more than the other team.

How do I join BH Handball Team?

Registration Fee of $15 per year (Only for PAssion Card Member)
Age group: preferred 16 to 20 years old

Weekly games at Braddell Heights CC Handball Court every Friday, 8pm to 10pm.
Games will be cancelled if the court is booked for CC event and subjective to wet weather conditions. Handballs will be provided for weekly games.

Registration can be made at Braddell Heights CC. For enquiries, please call 6288 1258 or email at
braddellheightshdball@gmail.com .

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